Interface Use:

This BamQuery interface facilitates tumor antigen prioritization. The interface queries a list of user-defined MAPs in mTECs (8) and Blood DCs (19) samples, as these cells are proxies for tumor specificity and immunogenicity. This interface also incorporates a predictive logistic regression model to report the conferred probability that a MAP is immunogenic.

Entry requirements:
1. Query name (This name will be required to download your results).
2. List of MAPs (a maximum of 100 MAPs per run). BamQuery analyze MAPs ranging in length from 8 to 11 amino acids (aa).
3. The genome version selected is v26_88, as the samples were aligned using this genome reference.
4. Select the dbSNP database.

New Query
Set a name to identify your query.
The name cannot exceed 20 character.
Only letters are allowed.
RPHM (reads per hundred million) value used to differentiate low from high expression.

Genome version supported : v26_88 / v33_99 / v38_104.

dbSNP supported : 149 / 151 / 155 / None.

Peptides example list: